Riders routinely see these types of changes in their 45 minute lesson


The Effective Rider is Responsible For Her Own Body Weight.  
This can only be achieved when the rider is in the correct alignment

This rider came to the clinic with a horse she didn't expect to ride as the horse she'd wanted to bring wouldn't load. I love the smile on her face despite her and her horses' obvious tension - she was very up for the challenge.  In the top image you see that her back is hollow, seat bones pointed out behind and feet too forward. If we took the horse out from under her, she would land her bum. She was not connected to her horse and the mare was quite hot (Note the wringing tail and open mouth).

In the bottom image you see that the rider is in a perfect line-up from her ear, shoulder, hip and boney knobble of the ankle bone.  Note how 'box-like' her body is. Once she made a connection to the saddle with her seatbones "plugged into" her horses long back muscles, she was able to influence this beautiful horse into the 'seeking reflexes' and she calmed right down.  This position allows the rider to effectively influence her horse, making their job easier to carry and to clearly understand and react to the many subtle aids creating the un-seen harmony between horse and rider we all strive for.  This rider would land on her feet if the horse was taken out from under her.  

Look closely at photos of top riders such as Charlotte Dujardin, Heather Blitz, Spanish riding school riders etc.  They all have this line up and angle of the thigh which contributes immensely to their effectiveness and success  - ultimately creating a beautiful partnership with their horse. 



This horse is in his late twenties. These changes took place within the 45 minute lesson.  

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This is an example of feedback from an e-lesson. Not only are issues identified with the riders biomechanics, but easily applied solutions are provided.