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The Rider Mechanic
Unlock Your Riding Potential

"You have a great manner and your voice works really well.  You don't overload people and work well with their language. I reckon you inspire alot of trust from your riders” 

Mary Wanless


I began riding as an adult and was repeatedly discouraged by traditional riding instruction until I discovered 'Mary Wanless', a riding coach and author of several books, from the U.K. who’s focus is rider biomechanics. The instruction Mary's coaches provide can be summarized by the following quote found on her web page:


"The Ride With Your Mind” approach is a tremendous advance in teaching and learning. It shows any rider how to organize her mind and body in the same way as the riders we call ‘talented’. This enables each person to learn the same feels and to achieve the same results. The techniques used are very streamlined. By increasing the riders body awareness and using images which help her understand both what to do and how to do it, incredible improvements can be obtained in a very short time, defying traditional expectations."


Extensive training with Mary has allowed me to develop a critical eye for biomechanical issues in the rider and I have the ability to change your partnership with your horse in just one lesson. I began regular clinics with Mary in 2002 and achieved her Mastery Level I Certification in 2013 and Level II Mastery in 2017. I have recently begun my Level III certification process, and have completed the first step, which was to give Mary Wanless herself a lesson. My experience in Mary’s biomechanical methods includes: having the honor of being a working student for two months at Mary’s own Overdale Equestrian Center in the U.K. in 2004. I have attended Teachers Training clinics with Mary here in Canada in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and in 2012 at Dancing Horse Farm in Dayton, Ohio. I completed her Advanced Teacher Training in the UK in 2013 and 2016 and additional Teachers Training courses in lateral work and jumping in 2014. I was back to the UK in the spring of 2018 for another Lateral Teachers Training and a week of training with Ali Wakelin, one of Mary’s most senior coaches in England.

 I take riding clinics with Mary annually in the US, most recently in February of 2020 in Louisiana and regularly with other local instructors to improve my own riding. Mary has invited me to co-teach with her at my last three riding clinics, giving me additional experience under her expert eye.


I have coached students of all ages and skill levels and repeatedly experience the incredible results attained when the rider gains an awareness of the biomechanically correct use their body to positively influence their horse.


I reside in Carleton Place, Ontario with my husband and our horses.